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HP laptops are a great way to get things done, even when you're on the go (or just away from your desktop). And HP online stocks a comprehensive array of portable computing solutions in South Africa, from the best business laptops on special, touch-screen 2 in 1 laptop models to top-rated laptops for students.

But choosing the right laptop for you can feel like a daunting task. Whether you're just starting out on your notebook search or you've already done some homework, our trained sales experts can help you find the perfect tool to suit your personal, professional or gaming laptop needs. Use our live chat or expert live feature to talk to an HP expert in South Africa.

How to choose the best laptop for you

Before you begin, think about what you'll be using your laptop for. For instance, if you expect to use your laptop for simple web surfing, music streaming and word processing, you needn't invest in a costly high-powered model. Torn between a notebook, Ultrabook or Chromebook? You can find an answer here with hands-on laptop reviews and our laptop buying guides to help you understand the jargon

However, if you're a creative professional who'll be relying on your portable computer to edit video, create special effects or animation, render CAD, architecture schematics or mix audio, a mobile turnkey workstation could be the right choice for you. HP workstations feature more powerful CPUs, faster hard drives and larger memory capacity than general-use computers. In addition to a dizzying array of out-of-the-box options, the HP online team can also help build a custom workstation to suit your exact specifications.